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I was tagged by @saneishaj for a 20 things about me so here goes: 1. I love @brettlautenslager (this is a #latergram from our trip to Asheville)
2. I have a little punkin named Grettir, after the Icelandic saga. 
3. I can’t decide if I’m writing my thesis on Virginia Woolf, Nella Larsen, or both. 
4. Just spent $100 on fashion mags. Oops. 
5. My fave makeup brand is shu uemura, mainly for her holiday collabs. 
6. My favorite food is tex-mex. 
7. My dream handbag is the lulu by saint laurent, partially because of the name. 
8. I want to live in New Mexico for part of my life. 
9. Right now all I can listen to is St. Vincent and Erykah Badu. Dallas ladies!
10. I think it’s be cool to be an art thief or to run a black market restaurant that only served banned foods. 
11. My favorite color is navy blue. 
12. One of my dream jobs is to be an archaeologist. 
13. I’m currently addicted to crime mystery shows. 
14. I have never seen Game of Thrones 
15. I watched True Blood all the way through. 
16. I don’t like white wine. 
17. I wish I knew how to fix my own hair—braiding, curling, I’m terrible at all of it. 
18. I lose almost every accessory that comes into my possession. 
19. I’m terrified of grasshoppers, more than roaches or bees. 
20. When I was a kid I had a recurring dream that I was mountain climbing with the Coneheads. Still haven’t figured out what that means.

"Cat". Photographed by Liz Collins for Love #9 Spring 2013

Maison Martin Margiela, 1997


by Mee Wong

"Away for the Weekend", ELLE US, October 1992Photographer: Gilles BensimonModel: Helena Christensen